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Season 1: Boot Camp

I sent a sample of the Intermediate DVD to KCSM public television in San Mateo. I wanted to create the Allaire Back Fitness series. 80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point, so using a broad venue like television seemed like the next step in my mission. The series would help people who were looking for a solution to back pain and disability.

We met with the executive producer of KCSM and he encouraged us to create the series. We pooled our talents.

  • Lisa: all content and front-of-camera work.
  • Matt: all production and behind the camera work.

There were a couple people we, unfortunately, were unable to thank in the credits.

1. Thanks to Fritz and Nomi for letting us use their yard for some Back In A Minute segments.

2. I rarely wear make-up and don't spend too much time hairstyling, so I'm really grateful to my friend, Amaya Elu. She is an Allaire Back Fitness class participant, an aesthetician, and make-up artist. She gave me a tutorial before I left for Costa Rica. We made notes so that I'd remember what I was supposed to do. Anything that looks good in that regard is due to Amaya. Thanks!

So, we went to Costa Rica to tape the series. Costa Rica provided us with gorgeous scenery. Villa Baha, where we stayed and taped many of the episodes, was a fantastic place.

We taped 38 shows total in one week—27 in English and the rest in Spanish for a possible Spanish television broadcast. On the last day, we taped 7 episodes!

I celebrated my 40th birthday while taping this series. I think it’s an auspicious beginning to new endeavors! I’m grateful and excited to have the opportunity to bring this information to people who are searching for ways to maximize their health and fitness.

Numerous studies have shown that back pain and disability can be prevented and, with the right plan, can be reversed without pharmaceuticals or surgery. You can develop robust back health! We plan to provide this information through more seasons of Allaire Back Fitness.

The DVD includes 26 episodes that progress from basic workouts to intermediate/advanced workouts. There is also a bonus back relief workout, which is great for days when your back is feeling tired, uncomfortable, and tight.

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