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The Allaire Back Fitness Production Story:

As a chiropractor, exercise therapy has always been a key component of my clinical treatment strategy. I wanted to extend this aspect of my therapeutic approach to people in my community, so I began teaching the Allaire Back Fitness group classes, which I continue to this day. We practice exercises that replace dysfunction and disability with health and resilience. Class participants are soon able to return to activities they love, perform better in sports, feel better and move better.

I also envisioned a public broadcast television series that would bring this information to a wider audience. Matthew Campagna and I joined forces and co-produced The Allaire Back Fitness Television Series, a completely independent production.

Matt was the audio and video engineer, editor, and fulfilled post-production broadcast requirements (color and audio levels, closed captioning, etc.). He created and performed the theme music. He also authored the DVD and he is the webmaster for the website.

My role included development of program content, teaching progression, and demonstration of exercises.We collaborated on the look of the show.

The first season of Allaire Back Fitness aired in 2008. Happily, it developed an enthusiastic and growing viewership, which spurred us to create Season 2.

We are delighted to offer you one of the most powerful ways to create a strong and healthy back!

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