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Intermediate User's Guide And Class

Many Allaire Back Fitness class participants and patients asked me for a workout DVD. They wanted to be able to continue with the exercises when they were out-of-town, re-located, missed a class, or for extra workouts during the week. I always intended to produce and create exercise DVDs and books that would help people prevent, and recover from, back pain and disability. This was my first DVD opportunity! (A few years prior to this DVD, I created a manual with pictures, a back fitness video for seniors, and a back fitness series for the internet.)

Luckily, I knew Matt. He had a video camera, knew how to edit, and had some DVD production experience. Morita Sensei (our Aikido instructor) let us use the dojo. Thanks Sensei!

The DVD includes a User’s Guide for technique review and to help people get the most out of each exercise and a 60 minute intermediate class with variations and modifications to allow for a variety of challenges.