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Welcome to Allaire Back Fitness. I’m Dr. Lisa Allaire, owner of Allaire Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. I have dedicated my career to helping people achieve back health and fitness.

I created Allaire Back Fitness to give you a powerful key to develop fundamental changes in your well-being.

I have spent years developing the exercises, progressions, and techniques presented in the Allaire Back Fitness programs. They are based on my clinical and teaching experience, research, and academic training. The entire program is based on a purposeful, systematic approach to back fitness.

There is no doubt that intelligent exercise is essential for long-term back health. In fact, most back pain is accompanied by a characteristic pattern of poor fitness.

These programs are specifically designed to help you reverse the typical fitness deficiencies that lead to back pain.

The programs focus on strength, stability and flexibility with our primary targets being the core, or trunk, and postural muscles.

We also focus on the reinforcement of healthy movement patterns, proper alignment, balance and coordination.

Make that commitment and workout with me. You will feel the difference.

Here's to your health!

Dr. Lisa Allaire

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