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What makes these programs different?

The Allaire Back Fitness Programs provide a successful method of active care because they offer a unique perspective:

1. The Workout -

The techniques and progressions are developed from sound biomechanical and evidence-based principles, as well as Dr. Allaire's vast experience teaching people with a variety of needs and health histories.

The workouts are specifically designed to reverse the typical fitness deficiencies that create and exacerbate back pain.

The workouts focus on the effective and safe attainment of strength, stability, and flexibility. Special attention is given to core and postural muscles, healthy body mechanics, alignment, balance, and coordination.

2. The Instructor -
This program was designed by a back health specialist.

Dr. Lisa Allaire, owner of Allaire Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, has dedicated her career to helping people achieve back wellness, whether it's in her clinic, a private rehabilitation session, her television program, or in one of her group classes.

She is trained and licensed to diagnose and has provided care in her clinic for over 10 years. Her personal, as well as, clinical experience with injury and recovery led her to create Allaire Back Fitness.