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A Message from Dr. Allaire

An intelligent exercise program
that includes strength, stability, and flexibility
and targets your core (or trunk)
and postural muscles
is essential for the long-term health of your back.

Most people who suffer from back pain
have well-defined dysfunctional musculoskeletal patterns. These dysfunctional patterns
are often present years before any soft tissue
(herniated disks, adhesions, etc.)
or structural problems
(osteoarthritis) become symptomatic.

The old stand-by reasons for back pain
(herniated discs, etc.) are no longer considered
the primary culprits in most back pain.

The pervasive culprits are
the long-term predictable combinations
of weak and tight muscle groups,
uncoordinated motion, instability, etc.
that create poor function and provide a catalyst
for a myriad of acute and chronic back problems.

(In other words,
poor musculoskeletal patterns precede and exacerbate
the conditions most people associate
with back pain and disability.)

Exercise is powerful.
Your body will adapt to whatever demands you place on it. A well-designed exercise program
can help you replace dysfunctional patterns
with healthier ones.
Allaire Back Fitness techniques and exercise progressions will give you a safe, effective and efficient workout.

The exercises on these DVDs focus
on the achievement of specific
back health and fitness goals
while being mindful
of alignment, posture, joint angles
and reinforcement of healthy movement patterns
(to name a few important parameters).

Practiced regularly,
these programs can influence
your health immeasurably.

Start today and reap the rewards:
decrease injuries and flare-ups,
improve your performance
in everyday and sports activities,
experience ease of movement,
comfort and resilience.

Workout with me and experience the difference!


- Dr. Lisa Allaire