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Posted: June 2012
Allaire Back Fitness Wins A Telly!

Our independently produced TV series won a Telly Award!
To learn more about the award, click on the picture above.



Posted: December 2011
Just in time for the New Year...
Allaire Back Fitness Season 2 is being broadcast on PBS stations around the U.S. and the DVDs that accompany the series are now available!

Chances are that you, or someone you know, has experienced back pain. If you have experienced it, you know the pain, disability, and frustration that goes with it. It can take over your life and spin into a vicious cycle that is hard to correct.

You are not alone. Back problems are increasingly common in our society. The good news is that you can develop a healthy back and reverse the patterns of pain and disability.

This DVD contains one of the most powerful ways to develop a resilient and healthy back. The series is based on the latest rehabilitation information. You will learn movement patterns that develop better posture, better balance, and activate muscles that protect your spine and discs.

If practiced consistently, you will experience robust back health and soon return to activities you love.



Posted: December 2010


We are happy to announce that
Allaire Back Fitness episode was chosen as a
finalist in the annual CreaTiVe Awards!
Healthy Backs for All!


Posted: October 2010

Allaire Back Fitness Class:

When: Mondays
Where: Peninsula Ballet Theatre
Time: 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.

Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 S. Grant Street
San Mateo

$15.00 drop-in
$100.00 for a 10 class card ($10/class)

Please bring a mat. I will provide physioballs.

Optional and fun equipment:
Foam Rollers: A full round 6 X 36 and 2 of the 6 X12 half rounds.
We do all kinds of fun training with them,
but you don't have to have them to get a great workout.
You can get these online or through our catalog.

Allaire Back Fitness
Call for information: 650-737-8106


Posted: March 2010

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Posted: November 2009

Teaching Allaire Back Fitness (rehabilitation) to chiropractic students in Tokyo, Japan


Posted: July 2009

Seeking Sponsorship for the Allaire Back Fitness Show: Season 2

The Allaire Back Fitness Television Show is looking for an underwriter. If you or your business are looking for a unique sponsorship opportunity and want to reach a prime demographic with multiple platform opportunities, contact us at


Posted: July 2009

Allaire Back Fitness Show on PBS!
Thank You For Your Support!

Breaking News!

We just found out that, so far, the Allaire Back Fitness Series is being broadcast by 12 PBS stations throughout the U.S. People who suffer from, or want to prevent, back pain and dysfunction can now tune in and start working out with the series. (Our Bay Area presenting station, KCSM, will broadcast the series in August or September. We’ll keep you posted.)

Thank you for your continued support! Some people emailed KCSM, or their local PBS station, and asked them to broadcast our program. Others are blogging, twittering, writing on my space and facebook pages, emailing local media, and talking about the program.

We truly appreciate your efforts to help spread the word about the Allaire Back Fitness TV series and DVDs!

We have also gotten feedback that people are working out with the DVD and loving it. Some people have gotten all the way through it and are now repeating specific workouts. I hear that the bonus back relief workout (#27) is a favorite. Many people say they do that one a couple of times a week.

Our goal is to help viewers/participants develop back health and fitness. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to do it.

Posted: August 2008  

The Flying Doctors Organization

I was contacted by the
Flying Doctors Organization-Medicos Voladores, a volunteer organization of pilots, administrators, and health care providers who bring much needed care to clinics in Central and South America. They asked if I would create a Spanish version of a basic Allaire Back Fitness workout for use in the field. I donated and created, Espaldas Sanas (Healthy Backs), a DVD that teaches the basics of good posture, proper lifting ergonomics, strength and flexibility exercises.

The Espaldas Sanas DVD was used during a recent trip to Mexico. I was happy to hear that patients did the exercises while they waited for treatment. Copies of the DVD will be left at the clinic for future classes and as a reference. The DVDs will be used on future trips.

Many of the people who receive care at the clinics suffer from back pain. Flying Doctors is expanding their roster of health care services to include chiropractic care. I hope to join them on a trip in 2009.

August 2008


Photo: Al Despierta
Dr. Allaire & Host Angel Lozada
May 2008

Posted: May 2008

Al Despierta!

Al Despierta! is a morning telelvision show(Univision Network) that highlights activities and people in the Bay Area. On May of 2008, I was asked to participate in a show that highlighted health care professionals.
I talked about the prevention and care of musculoskeletal conditions.
It is a fast-paced show and it was a great language workout for me!
I got the opportunity to describe the typical triggers that lead to back pain and the steps one can take to develop a healthier and stronger back.

It aired on May 22, 2008.

Photo: Al Despierta Guests